Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gold Steady as She Goes – Oops!

Gold ended up at 858.75 at the last count for the day.

Talk about slipping on a wet floor. The bear markets have yanked golds chain and gold dropped to the below the level it was on January the 7th., but the good news is it started to perk up almost immediately.

As the word markets 'tumble for ya', gold will be seen as the investors haven and there is an opportunity for a sharp eyed gold investor to grab what he can before it starts its stratospheric climb again.

When to buy gold!
Remember when someone sells it means someone has bought, and visa versa. The trick is to be the one buying at the bottom.

But in reality anytime is a good time to buy gold. One isn't buying gold, one is preserving ones assets. The value of gold throughout the ages has always maintained its stability come what may. Nations may come and nations may go but gold rules forever!

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