Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Gold Price Buying Opportunity

Over two days the gold price has dropped 10 percent. This is like the local department store offering a 10 percent discount on the gold price!

This is a fantastic opportunity to buy gold. A window of opportunity for a few days before the gold price starts it climb to even higher peaks.

The long term trend of gold is still upward and onward and the regular drop before a further climb to greater heights has been the track record over the past few months.

Remember, every time someone buys gold, someone else has to sell it. But with exchange traded Funds, this can now be done in a flash. But gold is not actually changing hands, instead the value of gold is being affected by the hugh amount of gold being bought and sold by traders trading ETFs.

In addition, the US Dollar Index is being shored up on the quicksand of false economy, by hurriedly printing more dollars to save more banks in deep trouble with mounting debt. Eventually this frail edifice is going to crumble and the dollar will continue its downward spiral.

Gold, however, keeps its value. Gold is money and in the coming months and years this will become even more apparent.

So now is the time to buy gold which the gold price is at a discount.

It may be the last one available.

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